(Process) Concept development

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Two-stage biomass gasification system

Together with Torrgas EnCycle is developing an innovative two-stage gasification process for the production of value added syngas and char. More information….

CircularMatch (EnCycle’s own development)
CircularMatch is a digital tool under development by EnCycle. The goal of CircularMatch is to bring supply and demand of residual streams and raw materials together and by such enhancing the circular economy.

The objective of the tool is to make surprising matches possible based on the following principles:

  • Know more is do more
  • Cross linking between different value chains
  • Digital matching
  • Connected services to increase match chances

The platform is named CircularMatch. CM is developed in cooperation with Saxion Hogeschool Deventer.

When you are interested to join our development or want to make your residual waste and raw material data available to the platform, please contact us.